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Hot and sexy 2015 fetishism story
Dana was transferring to Japan from Europe- her parents wanted her to try education in different countries, so she’d been globetrotting since she'd started school and it hadn't changed when she grew up and went onto college. She hadn’t seen her parents in person in years- both she and they had video cameras and they would record “letter's” to each other on a videocassette and send the cassette back and forth-they sent one, Dana wrote over it and sent it back- they'd been using the same tape for as long as Dana had been able to use the recorder.

And now, her sophomore year in college, she was in Japan, her first day at the prestigious Fubarawa School.

The campus was a massive, sprawling affair, something very out of place in Japan- a country with very little area for growth they built upwards instead of sideways and in multiple buildings. All the buildings were labeled in a variety of languages and the campus was similar in nature to a European or American college campus- Dorms, classroom buildings, gym, admissions, lecture hall...

But the stories that abounded around the campus from student to student was nothing short of incredulous- the dean was rumored to have escaped from a lunatic asylum, the staff were oblivious to anything odd or out of the ordinary going on and apparently there was even a group of students who spent nights fighting crime.

The entire place was something straight out of an Anime.

One recurring story was that since the principal had cut back on the budget and bought bulk lunches, he didn’t want an ounce of food wasted. So he’d spent goddess-knows how much money installing atmospheric sensors and cameras and the like into all the garbage cans so that he would know if anyone threw food away, which wasn’t allowed.

Only a quarter of the students were boarding school students, the rest were day students and lived locally. These brought their own lunch, but owing to the institutionalized nature of the school, everyone was given a lunch package at midday and the things were big enough that NO one could finish them. The majority of the students ate what they could and wrapped the remainder, giving the remains to one of the day students for them to take home and throw away there.

Since Dana was in the sophomore class, she was privy to more rumors than most. But since she was also a stranger and a new student, then most of the student's told her very little.

She'd wandered the campus with her two duffel bags- one of clothes, the other of personal possessions- a key ring, campus map and room number in one hand. After asking for directions, she'd managed to get to the right dorm and the right room- but all the students she asked gave her odd sideways looks and then collapsed laughing for a moment or two, saying something to their friends in Japanese so quickly it was nearly impossible to follow, and one student who spoke very good English had warned her to "only use her own money."

What was going on here?

She walked into the main lobby and looked a floor plan of the dorm and found the number she would be in: Room 115. It was just down the hall a little bit and she was quite relieved. As she lugged her bags down the hall she tried analyzing what the girls had said as she passed by, but had no luck, even when breaking it down word to word. 'I must not be hearing them right or not know the word they are using because I cant figure it out... what I think they said makes no sense.' She tried sticking her key in the lock but it didn’t want to go in. She put all of her things on the floor and jiggled the key in and turned it until it clicked and then jiggled the key back out. She turned the knob and stepped in, dragging her bags behind her.

The first thing she noticed, aside from the fact that it’s kind of dark in there, was the smell. The scent of sex hung heavy in the air, mingled with the aroma of many, many kinds of food. The sound of someone breathing evenly and regularly- therefore, sleeping- came from the left. As she pushed the door open wider, it became more difficult to open it wide enough to get in- there were so many empty food containers on the floor and almost all of them are those damnable lunch packages they get every day at noon. It's 1:05 now, so whoever lives here- the nameplate on the door said "Yuuki Tisana" if Dana had read it correctly- evidently didn’t mind the lunches- and probably took the leftovers from the other thirty or so people in the senior class, half of which were day students and didn’t eat their school lunch anyway.

There was enough light from the hallway and coming in from behind the mostly-closed blinds to illuminate the room well enough to merit a cat leaving the lights off. She wrestled her bags into the room and bit back an expletive as she saw the room's occupant for the first time.

She was tall for a Japanese girl, light brown hair, and a very cute, slender body, long graceful arms and legs, dainty feet and feminine fingers, a pair of nice soft H cup breasts, with a stomach big and round enough to hold a two year old toddler!!

She was laying on her back, on the bed, her stomach facing towards the ceiling. Her tiny bellybutton had once popped out due to the extreme size of her stomach, but continuous growth and pressure from her obviously massive meal had stretched her belly to the point here her popped out bellybutton had been stretched flat, still tiny and cute. Her breathing was even, but ragged, the aftermath of very good sex, or a very long session of masturbation.

One slender arm was draped across her swollen middle, a futile attempt to reach between her legs, the other was laying out of the bed, her hand clenched around a fistful of yen, resting in a big lockbox.

Down between her legs, a vibrator was buried between her pussy lips, stuck in right up to the hilt, a puddle of her juices pooling beneath it- she probably couldn’t get it back out after eating, so there it had stayed.

She stood there in shock and quietly crept around the room and to the bed she would be sleeping on. She placed one of her bags in the trunk on the end of the bed and the other on top of the trunk. She cleared the food boxes off of her bed and tried to clean up some of the mess with out waking the young woman. She lifted the window open, being careful to still keep the shade drawn and a cool breeze filled the room, wafting the smell around anew and making Dana a bit horny herself. She found a trashcan and began crushing boxes and putting them in there.

Once she started digging through the empty containers and mess, she accidentally bumped her foot against the still-open lockbox on the floor, thus shifting the contents, causing one or two coins to tink against one another.

Dana may as well have given her roommate a shock with a cattle prod. She sat up as fast as she was able, biting her lip for a moment to clear her head as the pleasure from the still-running vibrator. She spewed out a lightning fast chain of Japanese syllables; too fast for even a native Japanese speaker to follow, but it's obvious that the general gist of what she says is "Don’t you DARE touch my money!"

The shock wore off and she realized she was sitting in bed, naked, with a huge vibrator inside her, and a stomach that’s almost too big for her body. She started stammering in Japanese, pulling the sheets around herself to try and hide her body, without much success.

Dana struggled with her Japanese for a moment before regaining her composure, "It's okay... My name is Dana and I am your new roommate and I would never try and touch your money," she said calmly and soothingly

Yuuki blinked, still clinging the sheets around her pale, gravid body, biting her lower lip slightly and closing and locking the lockbox next to her bed. "You didn't touch my money?”

“No, never,” the smaller girl said.

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English Sex Stories

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