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Her nose was pressed firmly into his scruffy pubic hair.
Abbie lay on her bed. It was one of those hot summer nights, the air humid, her room so muggy she'd taken off her quilt. She was in her pyjamas. Her trousers were soft on her legs. They were made of cotton, and tight around the athletic lower half of her body. The smoothness of her bum could be seen from the way her tight trousers clung to it without a crease. They were just one solid colour- light blue. Her top was too small for her. It was a white one her younger sister didn't mind her using. It still covered her chest, but cut short of her belly button, leaving a thick line of her creamy but slightly tanned skin between the edge of her T-shirt and her blue bottoms. As always she wore a simple bra. It was a small size, 34A, but she had a small body that accentuated her natural curves, making her breasts and bum look bigger, making her whole figure seem balanced.

She had a cute face, innocent, but not as a child's –she was womanly and beautiful. She had dirty blonde hair that reached her upper chest, and it was very slightly frizzy. Sometimes she would straighten it out, especially in winter.

She was in London at a party. Earlier in the evening she'd felt a little ill so she gone to sleep in her room. It wasn't her house, just a friend's whose parents were away, and it wasn't a big party, most people left by 2 am. The room she was in was the newest with white walls and a red bed with brilliant sheets of the same colour. Originally it had been her friend's brother's music room. He played the electric guitar so the room when the door was locked was totally sound-proof. There was a fan in the corner on top of a chest of draws which blew cool air from behind Abbie, up her legs and over her back. She was wearing short pink socks that stopped at the ankle. They had a sweet smell to them.

Abbie's eyelids fluttered open. She looked over at the clock: 3 am. She clenched her butt cheeks as another wave of cool air washed over her. Its lightness tickled her. She began to wriggle herself up the bed because she had slipped down a bit. That's when it struck her. This weird feeling. --Suddenly she sat up and turned over all in one motion. She drew up her legs. She sat as if giving birth, her knees spread apart... She looked down: there was a large dark blue stain on her trousers. It was centred around her crotch and little rivers had run down to her knees.

As yet again a wave of cool air washed over her, the stain began to glisten- Oh my God I'm peeing, she thought. Her hand went straight to her bum, where she could now feel a watch patch forming. It must've happened every time I felt the fan blowing, she realised. She raised herself up and crouched on the bed. Beneath her was a huge, sopping, puddle of her own pee.

"I've pissed the bed. I've soaked myself," she whispered, sniffing that strong odour, "Oh my God, oh my God."

The urge to let go hit her again but she clenched. "But then again I'm already this far, I may as well lie down and let it flow," she murmured to herself.

She did just that, lying down on her slim tummy.

Her eyes opened. She's fallen asleep under the therapeutic waves of freshness. She looked over the side of the bed and saw how the puddle had grown, it was trickling down the edge of the bed now. And she was drenched. That's when Daisy walked in.

Daisy had drunk a lot, but was still strong. And she already knew what she was going to do. She was a methodical woman. Thai by birth, she was short, with long, straight, black hair and boobs that were smaller than Abbie's, with an ass that was smaller than Abbie's, an ass that was a little too firm, whereas Abbie's still had that small bit extra which made it both firm and touchable. Daisy was a kind girl most of the time, but she was dirty. By men she liked to be dominated but when it came to women she flipped and became the governing one. When she was turned on her nipples would go so, so hard. And when drunk she was always like that.

That day she had gone for less rather than more, and she stood in a black bikini, with a petite and thin grey woolly blanket draped over her shoulders. And like this the slender Daisy stood at the doorway.

She slurped the last dregs of her mojito and bent over, pushing her ass out, placing the glace on the floor. Systematically she pressed the door into the latch in the doorframe, and touched the button which electronically sealed the door, and took the blanket off of her shoulders and threw it to the floor.

"Err, what are you doing?" Abbie looked at Daisy, waiting for an answer. She was pondering as to whether Daisy had noticed her little -well rather massive- accident.

"Well I just came to get my bag. I left it in here- sorry I couldn't locate as my room at first so I put in here."

"Why did you lock the door?"

"Well seeing as you're nice and cosy I thought I might snuggle up and join you...you look so adorable you know..."

"I'm sorry I'm not..." Abbie paused. "Well I'm not a...not a lesbian." She said that last word quietly, delicately.

"What if I showed you this?" Daisy stepped forward- and stopped. Her eyes widened. "Oh you dirty bitch."

"What?" God she must have seen, she must have!

"You're twenty -bloody- two! Twenty-two! " Daisy's plans had altered now. Now wasn't the time for romantic cuddles. She had to punish this cute looking baby bitch.

She leapt forward and with her outstretched hand slapped Abbie's wet butt.

Abbie jerked up: "What the hell get off me!!"

Daisy straddled her upper thighs and grabbed her hair, pulling it so Abbie's head was lifted off the pillow. She leant down, pressing her tiny Asian body into this slim wet darling's bum and back.

"You've wet the bed. You dirty whore. Who the fuck wets the bed? Who? A baby." She pulled hard on the dirty blonde hair, and Abbie cried out a little. Then Daisy stuck out her tongue and started to forcefully kiss her face.

"Get off me! Help!! HELP!!! Eww fuck get OFF!"

Daisy ground her bikini clad vagina against Abbie's pissy butt and suddenly she began to roughly grope Abbie- her tummy, her bum, her breasts, her arms. Abbie wriggled and wept and shouted out but to no avail. Daisy was totally winning in this duel.

-But then she stopped. She got off the bed, off of Abbie, and stood up. Her bikini bra had come loose and was lying on Abbie's neck. Daisy had cute pink nipples that were hard as anything. And Abbie had this weird urge to nibble on them. The black bikini bottom was wet with Abbie's pee. Daisy turned around and Abbie saw her Thai ass wasn't covered at all –in fact the rear of the bikini had crept up her ass-crack. Daisy lifted four coils of rope from her bag.

"They were for when I wanted to be treated like a slut," she told Abbie, "But now theyre for you, Abbie."

Daisy was too strong. She easily put up with Abbie's weak punches, and soon Abbie had her hands raised above her head and her legs spread open, her ankles tied harshly to the springs under the mattress. Oh- and she was naked. Her blonde and trimmed pubic hair sparkled as she wet herself in fear and her nipples grew as firm as her breasts as Daisy laughed at her state of wetness.

Daisy stripped to reveal her shaved pussy and sat opposite Abbie. She pushed their moist vaginas together.

Abbie felt a warm liquid splash into her pubic hair.

"How do you like me peeing? Is it nice? Is it warm Abbie?"

"You're so fucking weird."

"Yes pee-girl, I bloody am."

Daisy spread apart Abbie's labia and peered inside.

"Naww you're a little virgin." And just like that she clenched her fist and with no warning punched into Abbie's soaked cunt, breaking anything in the way, and inducing a piercing shriek of pain from the cute 22 year old.

And then Daisy couldn't help it, she just couldn't. She went wild, ferociously humping her shaved pussy into Abbie's vagina, then her tummy, and with an almighty moan she squirted her juices over Abbie. They dribbled towards her waist and Daisy lay spent on top of her still.


Abbie was wet and tired and her pussy ached and she was tied up in the corridor outside some of the boys' rooms and she was whimpering with a gag in her mouth and a newly inserted butt plug inside her with spray paint on her slim tummy. It read: '£ ME'.


Daisy returned to her once innocent slave at 7 am to find her sucking on the plug now in her mouth, and her pussy leaking juices onto the carpet. Her hair was messy and wild, and cum dripped from her lips. But she was voluntarily sucking that plug. As she was pulled up and cleaned up by Daisy in the hot bath Daisy had run for her, she smiled weakly and murmured, "What's your number?"

"I'll tell you later baby." She kissed Abbie's forehead and the latter reached up and for a moment it was sweet romance of lip and tongue. Daisy stood up and walked out. Back in the room she picked up those wet, light blue cotton trousers and stuffed them into her satchel. Then she took out the camcorder from under the pile of books.

"I'm a little whore." She smiled and walked downstairs.

"Hey, Daisy!"

She turned. The speaker was Allison, Abbie's little sister.


"I bet you can take this guy's cock all the way in your mouth."

Daisy smiled and walked over. She put her bag down, knelt on the floor, and swished her hair over her shoulder. In one swift movement she plunged onto the dick and took it down her throat until her nose was pressed firmly into his scruffy pubic hair. The guy came. Daisy slurped as she released the cock. She stood up and swallowed.

"See ya around Alli."

Daisy strolled out, her tiny ass swaying as she walked.

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